Monday, December 8, 2008

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

What is Happiness?

Such a simple ideal...yet is it really so hard to attain? To live life to the fullest, to be and feel like you've never been or felt ever before...every minute of every day of every year of every life? Why is it that no matter how hard we try or don't try to achieve this seemingly natural state of being, we almost always feel like there's something standing in our way. Is it us? Is it the individual or the people around us, or perhaps our place in life? Why is it that no matter how happy we get, we can almost all feel that its built on a foundation made of clay?

To me, its because we are all connected. This is the beauty of the World we live in today. It has become little more then a ruthless machine of efficiency. Inspiration and potential is now limited by social standards and economic instability. Very few people are trully free to forge their perfect life without spending a lifetime of effort and pain just to achieve a fraction of the initial ideal. We have been seperated into Countries, States, Catagories, even "Races". I mean...whatever happened to being Human? Whatever happened to our infinite potential as Co-Creators of the Reality within and without us? Whatever happened to True Happiness.

Power without Consequence. Or should I say, Power with Extreme Consequence. The Extreme Consequence of the limitless potential of our entire Human Race. The one thing well polished machines and systems cannot tolerate are anomalies. These sudden changes and bursts of inspiration throw everything out of wack, and thus are perceived as a danger to the overall well being of the machine that is our World. Schools are designed to strip children of identity and sense of purpose, Jobs co ordinated to strap future leaders into submisive positions just to keep food on the table, Entertainment provided to keep the imagination active but the Soul stagnant and deprived, Food created for the soul purpose of addicting a future generation to wasteful habits, and Techologies concieved to keep us right where we are.

We live in a Horrific yet Beautiful world. There are absolutely ludicrous amounts of weapons and biological agents awaiting the twitchy finger of the next psychotic madman with just a little too much power. Agencies conducting unthinkable expiriments, both for the benefit and restraint of the Human race. Terrible things happen to innocent people with every passing second, at every corner of our tiny globe. This and this alone is why no one person will EVER be able to attain True happiness in their lifetime, so long as this continues. Like it or not, we are all connected in one way or another. What I feel, you feel. You simply feel it on a virtualy un noticable level, and is simply no percieved by the conscious mind. The path to Happiness is the Path to Freedom, and unfortunately Freedom is detremental to the power of the Few.

We have all the tools available to turn this world into an incredible place to live. A place where we could all be free to express ourselves in whatever ways imaginable, not just in certain places but on every inch of this vast universe in which we live. This isn't to say we will always have peace, as hatred and discord are just as much a part of us as love and harmony. Thanks to the Machine however, our perceptions of the two have become skewed. No longer do people strive to attain a balance within themselves, but they pick a path and follow that and only that. Some may at the very least be accepting of other views, but very few walk the many paths of life at once. Nor is it their fault, as our societies have been constructed to move us away from our vast potential with each passing day. Even those with kind hearts and true vision have little say in the direction of our World.

Sometimes it all just feels like one big play. Like the very improbabilities of which this Universe was formed have been stripped away. Almost as if nothing happens that wasn't planned 30 years in advance. It's hard to look at the World today and think it got to the way it is by chance. Giving a piece of Humanity the ability to achieve and experience happiness and freedom while stripping away the majority of our brothers and sisters of their individual potential is the perfect breeding ground for Chaos and Strife. There will always be envy, distrust, and hatred, to name a few. The entire race can never trully be satisfied, no matter how hard we try. Yet we DO all possess the inner traits that would allow us to become something more. Even the most evil and sinister people that have ever walked the face of this planet can agree that we deserve something more. Perhaps they can't express it in the same scope, but even if they wished to be above just one other person then they too have felt this drive. The drive to be something more. Even those so depressed and fed up with life are likely there due to the rejection they recieve by the very fabric of the reality around them.

Why is it that we must live in seperation when we are so clearly connected? Why is it that we cannot choose the direction of our lives and the life of our planet, but rather we must walk the thin and fragile tightrope that is life in this day and age. War is the very fabric of human existance. From the moment we are born we're at war with ourselves and the world around us. Even the most peace oriented person is indeed at War, a war against War itself. So why not have War games? Why not pit ourselves against one another in brutal combat of mass scale, but in fairly safe and enjoyable ways? Why is it that we must rob innocents of their chance to experience life and equality before they even have the chance to experience it. Why should any one country be any better then the other, and for that matter why do we even have countries? Some would say that having a global community would be dangerous because it would give a Few entire control over the masses.


HELLO? Isn't that the reality we live in now? The only reason people might think this is because they imagine a Global Community being run like our seperated communities. Vision has become a fictional term these days. It means little more then the ability to percieve information via light particals through the eyes. It has lost its true meaning, the meaning of creation and destruction. Well, destruction is ironicaly still alive and kicking, but creation has been put on the backburner. No longer are great lifechanging inovations projected around the world (assuming they ever were), and no longer to small children see the vastness of the reality around them. We all live in individual realities now, simply accepting the collective as something that can only be changed by the few.

Even if what you've read here has inspire you to do something more, it is likely that you won't be able to act upon that primal urge. You will likely return to work where the inspirational feelings will be shuffled to the back of your mind to make room for the nesescarry functions the mind will need to perform. The random events and stresses of the day will further push that emotion back, untill it is inevitably recycled by the mind in your sleep. And just like that, your life will repeat itself. The sun will rise, the day will pass, the night will come, the night will pass. Repeat. Even those of true Vision find themselves strapped to the bindings of the Machine that is Organized Humanity. As of now, change is virtualy impossible. Even if 99.99% of the people on this earth wished for change, it would be that 0.01% that would rob us all of our vision. That 0.01% is all that stands between us and our infinite potential and limitless potential, because its that 0.01% that controls the fate of the 99.99% of Humanity.

So untill that tiny fraction of humanity experiences enlightenment of the soul, it is quite unlikely that many of us will ever achieve our True Potential in this life. This is a sad tradgedy indeed thanks to the fact that this right now is the time for Humanity to shine. Now is the time for change, yet change cannot come. So how can we cope with this prison of Organized Humanity?

For now, the Truest means of projecting outwards is to reach Inwards. Since we are all connected by the Primal Energies, tapping into our individual frequencies and strengthening them is the only way we as individuals can touch the lives of millions. Its kind of funny how the one thing we can never physicaly see is the one thing that can change all things that we physicaly see. When one person achieves Energetic Harmony, we are all affected in one way or another. From the riches greediest government official to the poorest humblest child, we all feel the impact of an individual reconnecting with the Vastness of Self.

So if you want to live in the dismall reality that has been created for us, all you must do is accept it as truth. Your belief will make and keep it real for you and all those around you. Even if you've become vastly wealthy off the misfortune of others, you too are poor and deprived when it comes to the energy of the soul. Not because what you've done is "wrong" or "immoral", but because you have prevented just one person from connecting with the Primal Energies. You have thrown a seemingly impassible barrier in their way, one that thanks to social conditioningthey will likely never attempt to break through. The saddest thing is that if one would only try, they would find these mighty walls to be little more then colored air.

If happiness is your Goal in life, start by looking within. Only by looking in can you ever truely see out. Only by seeing out can you ever truely go in. Only by truely going in can you ever completely go out. Untill then, you will be forver bound like the rest of us. Bound to the world around you, you will inevitably serve it untill the day you one form or another. Achieve harmony with self so that you may effect those you have never met and will never meet. Achieve balance with the world and perhaps one day the world too will achieve balance.

Blessings and great energies be with you all.

Monday, December 1, 2008

On Personal Awakening

This blog is not only for my readers, but for myself as well. I started this blog sometime last year in an attempt to kickstart my referrals in the various programs I supported. At the time I was very enthusiastic about marketing online and charged in head first. I spent the dollars on the programs I thought would inevitably help me. I spent all my time looking for new ways to enhance my game and get the one up on my "competition" In the end all I had to show for it was a negative bank account and shattered confidence.

That was then. This is Now. Now I want to play it smart. Now I want to succeed and become something more. I've decided to no longer do all these things for me. In my abscence I have become increasing more aware of my place in the higher structure of life. Even if I were to only ever think about myself, my actions will inevitably shape the world around me. This is why there has never been world peace, I believe. It is very hard for a person to step out of themselves, no matter how pure or vile they may be. It is certainly difficult for one to Truely worry less about self then the entire flow of the Universes around us. It seems practicaly pointless to give the Structure of our reality any considerable thought.

Thankfully I have the "gift" of a very lucid yet stuborn mind. This blog is by no means some way for me to attempt to achieve truth in my life, but it is a fine way to express the individual transformation I am to experience throughout the coming year. The simple act of maintaining this blog will allow for me to hone my focus and prepare for what lies ahead. I will still be writing blogs about particular programs that I support, but I will make it my duty to provide my readers with just as much if not more information about the metaphysical experience we call our Reality. For starters, it is Maliable.

It is Because reality is Maliable that it can seem so Damn difficult. Our minds are ruthless tools of efficiency. This in part is why many good hearted people continue to remain unawakened. Their conscious self is trapped within the mind. Existance goes no futher then the mind and body. Life is nothing more then self and that which resides outside it. In my Belief (which is my Reality) I can never truely be "I". Even on nothing more complex then a cellular level, I am billions upon billions of individual entities. Who am I to say that every cell within me does not contain at least some tiny sliver on concious awareness? Who am I to rob a universe of its infinite potential? In this I can never truely be one entity, and that is simply on an inward scale.In scope of the infinite vast of Space that inevitably surrounds us, how can we ever hope to compare?

Our societies keep us teathered to our Earthly obsessions, since we no longer have a true choice in how we wish to live our lives. Even the wealthiest most content people on the planet must still play by societies rules if they wish to maintain their status. Of course they could always just put everything down and lose it all, but still maintain their spiritual center of happiness. But why must that person give themselves up to truely live with themselves and nothing more? Because the machine must continue to run. The machine of society will always need human fuel in order to run, and so long as we provide it forever run it shall. Change is a regulated thing these days. Change rarely spontaniously combusts in this Age, as that would be dangerous to the machine.So the only change we can currently truely make is a Change of thought.

As some Energy Workers may be well aware of, energy follows thought. Not only does it follow conscious thought, but it Strongly follows subconscious thought. Thanks to the very prominent subconcious reality of many folks these days, or days tend to take on a very subconscious feel. Only when we truely step off our day to day track and spice things up with variety do we every feel completely conscious throughout a day. This isn't neccissarily an indivual experience, since we are always experiencing the collective reality of those that make it up.Our particular slice of the multi-verse has a tendancy to have many many layers all superimposed into one large conclusive layer. It is quite possible to live an individual existance on this world without every once contemplating the effect of the collective. Even though I had initialy been awakened by an act of Energetic turbulance, Network Marketing is what awoke me to Human potential and its limits.

We all exist together and our Thoughts are what make up the majority of that which is around us. The house you live in, the car you drive in, the clothes you move around in, the computer you type on...they are all products of Thought. Without thought, they could not exist. Thought has a funny way of becoming reality. This is because thought is the purest energy we can currently concieve and manipulate. You could say its the base of the Energetic Tree of Life. Without Thought, the rest would seem to come to a halt. In truth it would continue on forever, but without being percieved it would in effect not exist.

So next time you write a blog or chat with a friend, keep in mind the overall resounding effect of your oppinion and energy. What could you be doing to not only make Your life more meaningful and enjoyable, but what could you be doing for those you care about? If you can, go one step further and think about those you don't personaly care for, but are sharing the reality you're creating. If thinking of people isn't your thing (because it's fairly new for me) at least give consideration to the Earth you live upon. She at the very least doesn't deserve our neglagence, and always appretiates gratitude and respect. You create the reality you percieve.

Think about it

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Breath of Inspiration

Every moment of Time that we live each day holds something unique that can resonate with the energy of self, this energy we know as Inspiration.

It's that simple "AHA" moment we all have now and then that seems so mystical at times, yet is so extraordinarily common if one only opens themselves to accept these random instances. Something as simple as the fluttering of leaves on a cool autumn day can be enough to spark the minds desire for something more, or perhaps just the simple smile of a random passer by.

We can be inspired to do great things if we only wish to ACCOMPLISH great things. When you choose to do great things with your life, your life will do great things with You. We live in a constant state of Chaotic Harmony with this Universe of ours, and at its most basic level it simply wishes to be recognized. So easy is it these days to forget that we're just a Tiiiiiiiiiny part of a Huuuuuuge whole, with people more commonly looking within themselves then to the Universe without....if they even look anywhere at all >_<

If you accept that the Universe is a conscious being just like you and me, and that it truly wishes to see you succeed in more ways then you can'll be happy to find things working smoother for you in a matter of moments. I must say though that it takes a keen sense of perception to notice the subtle changes in the Universe that consistently come to your Aid. You must understand this Reality that surrounds us is a Timeless Entity, and thusly it reacts differently to situations then We. A seemingly bad string of luck might very well work out in your favor, as the actions it forces you to take might have saved you more trouble and pain then the ones you were originally intent on making.

Usually it manifests in Timely answers and openings that allow you to act without much doubt or delay, and are more often "random" instances then obvious slow growing ones. It's this randomness that our Universe seems to favor, as it takes a Bold soul to grasp on blindly to the rope of faith. What one comes to understand in time is that we are all inately blind....and from there one comes to realize that blindness is just another form of sight.

It's an art really. Being able to ride the waves of time with absolute faith of the inevitable outcome, without ever giving in to the consistent bombardment of drawbacks that come your way. One must be flexible with the happenings of life and be able to adapt to every situation, as each new event in life presents a pathway to ever more outcomes. And thus we are drawn back to the topic of Inspiration.

It is inspiration that can be credited for the success of the Human Race. Without this seemingly Divine spark, we would still be wrestling our food to the ground and living off the land. Without inspiration there would be no art, no books, no technology, no businesses, no society, no language...nothing but what Mother Nature intended. In a sense you could say that Inspiration is a Glitch in the system that we take to like fish to water. Perhaps it's wrong to call such an integral part of our existence a Glitch, but in relation to nature I feel it an accurate assessment.

So for the time being, remember to keep your eyes and energy open to new things. Look at the world through a new set of eyes, eyes that sense the conscious intent of the world without. See not only shapes and colors, but possibilities and outcomes. See things like they've never been seen before, and perhaps the world will just see You like never before ^_^

The World is at Your Service

Nothing passes you by.

It is all there. Every tool, every instance, every moment necissary to bring you to where you wish to's all there, right in front of you. It's all just waiting for you to open your eyes and grab hold, and I can assure you that so long as you hold on it will never let you go. This world is just a tiny part of the vast infinite of our reality, and thus it is simply one more tool at your disposal.

The simple truth is that the World won't accept you until you can first accept yourself. You must awaken to the fact that You have the Perfect life, no matter what. No matter how hard things might seem or how impossible the circumstances, You have the Perfect life. Everything comes to you as you need it, Everything works in exactly the way you want it to work. Mistakes and setbacks are typically just messages trying to tell you to take another course of action, or to revise your initial approach.

Material possessions are pointless yet vital to life in this world, so why not have a never ending stream of if coming your way? You need to consciously make that decision to become the Master of your Universe, to Attract all you want and need at all times. Apathy, Confusion, Depression, Anger, Sadness,...all these and so much more are just the little illusions your mind uses to keep you strapped down in the situation you're currently in. It's the nature of the Conscious Mind to sabatoge your inevitable success, so it's important to give credit to the power of your Sub-Conscious self. It's this "Auto Pilot" feature of our very being that is really one of the most remarkable aspects of our very existance.

Never shall you be without what it is you need to survive and prosper. Forever shall you be nourished with the necessities of life and happiness, no matter what might come your way. Wish not to be void of the downfalls of life, for it's these moments of failure that bring to light the pathways to higher success. When you feel defeated or totally lost, take a half an hour to just be alone.

Slip back into your mind and comfort yourself with the thoughts of having all it is you need. See the problem at hand being solved and the desired outcome manifesting in a Timely fashion. Feel the energy pulse throughout your body as you send this signal into the universe, and Understand that it is already done. Take as much time as you need to let this confidence build up within, and keep in mind that you have already succeeded. Should any further failures come your way, make sure to deeply analyze them and find the hidden answer to your problem at hand.

You will never fail. You will never falter. You are Absolute. Even the End (death) is yet one more beginning in this Mystic game of Life.

"And Ye Shall Be as Gods"

The Totality of Days to Come

I seek to bring Awareness to the Forefront of the Human race. Not simple mundane awareness of ample significance to childish trinkets. Awareness of the Absolute and the Infinite that resides within the shell of mortal form.

Every day that slips into memory was a chance to become something more. Every second that flows beyond your perception escapes multitudes of possibilities, though every choice made was the absolute truth of inescapable inevitable future outcome. Become Aware.

Become Aware of the Truth of your Divine Existence, of the Absolute Totality of your Subconcious mind. Understand that the world of which your perception perceives is the complete manifestation of your Own deepest inner impulses. All the bad and all the good were brought before you, for you & by you. Every happening in your life is a chance to learn and evolve beyond that state of simplicity that wraps us down in mundane mortality.

Awaken to the Awareness of Absolute Astral Control. You are on par with the Gods of Old, and the only weakness you possess is the one you Perceive. The world is your sandbox, the universe...your playground. Have fun with it, have fun with the Illusion of Time that enthralls you at a primal level. Step back from your body and allow yourself to open to the Torents of Energy cascading around you eternally.

In this state of Infinite Oneness reach out to the others of Self that exist and are calling out to you. Open and Accept your Energy to the Frequencies of Human Desire, allow your Future Utopia to be planted within your mind. Nurture this garden through diligent awareness to its very existence, and be sure to feed it daily with the miracle grow known as Imagination. This foolish little daydream will some day grow into an unmistakable reality that no one can possibly deny.

What is the Future to you?

To me, it is something more. It's like a sci fi novel with a runaway writer, ever expanding into the darkness of Time Untold. It is the fulfillment of Human Desire and Neccessity. It is Technology birthing races anew and Travel to places beyond mortal Imagination. The future is the Unification of our Species in Understanding and Acceptance, a Time devoid of internal hatred and struggle. It is a Time of Times, a Destiny written in the Stars and fabric of Time itself.

The Future...My inevitable. Awaken to the Self within the Self, and you too shall see the Totality of the Days yet to come.

God Humans

We open the page to find a book. What appears to be a flat plane of existance reveals to us multitudes of hidden dimension. Yet is this knowledge truly hidden, or simply overlooked? Either way the truth persists now and then, that We are more than meets the eye. So how should one approach infinite possibility?

By being infinitely open to infinite ideas. By embracing that most sacred function of the human mind, that of the the active imagination. We as a race have unarguably proven time and time again, that which we can imagine....we can create. With that comes yet another question...Are we creating something new, or unveiling something we simply could not see before? This unexplainable ability to manifest forth that which resides within our mind, why is it that we've been conditioned to believe it to be a non-primary function of our human existance?

Because it's dangerous to the Structure. It threatens control and promotes absolute freedom. It is this innate ability to express non existance through tangible means that makes our collective conciousness a danger.

In enters the idea of Gods. That's plural, yet singular. Is it not hard to believe that we are of the same thread, creating our weave upon the fabric of this reality? This has become a fairly common belief in this 'New Age', that All is One. We are all individual pieces of the whole, performing our functions to a tee. As such, each and every conciousness has the ability to ascend to its 'original' place in existance through focused willpower.

Obviously, as stated before, a danger to the Structure. So how exactly does one 'ascend'? The answer to that question might perhaps be more individual than the individual contemplating its outcome. We each have our own destiny to create, so it;s up to us to set our sights on something more. To say that the sky is the limit would be a gross understatement, to be sure.

Life: Our Endless Game

Like sand in the Seas of Time

Days flip past like the pages of an unseen tome. The lights go on and off around and within us as the conclusion moves one notch closer. Left, right, forwards, backwards, up and down...all lead to one place.

Or so we've been told

Its odd really, how the most powerful of human tools, is now so usefuly classified as childish nonsense. What is this 'Weapon of Mass Destruction & Inspiration' of which I speak?

Why, nothing more then a little imagination.

That spark of imagination is what birthed the very planes of existance themselves. So why is it that such an incredible gift has been shuffled to the back of society like an over read book? That answer is quite simple.


Fear of self and fear of consequence. Forced fear, that which comes on easier with each passing generation as 'We' are colectively hearded and bread to recieve and embrace it. This simply will not do. When a child looks to the stars, there is a true miracle. When that thought of 'What else' comes into the mind, is when the magic truely starts its fantastic journey.

It's frightening really, to understand the power of imagination in Tomorrows world. Those that see this incredible power will grasp it without question, knowing that they will be granted the ability to litteraly shape the reality within and around themselves and others. The things we can accomplish lie far beyond the bounds of one mortals most wild imagination, laying dormant in the archive of the collective conciousness. As mankind awakens and spirals to One, New Reality will be birthed once more.

So shall we breathe life into the shell that is our collective Existance. Awakening and accepting will bring about a change in the very fabric of the Reality in which we percieve today. All things of the Minds domain can and will be brought to bear before the wielder of focused thought. This is the way of 'Magick', or rather, the way of Life.

At what point does one cross the threshold of the 'Individual' and truely become immersed in the 'Collective'? What horrible and magnificent changes must we endure and welcome before 'We' can truely see the 'Light'?

Shall we ever awaken to our Purest Potential?